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Select articles & updates about Paleobotany, Plant Evolution, & Geologic History

Li et al. (2024) Evolutionary history shapes variation of wood density of tree species across the world

Holstad et al. (2024) Evolvability predicts macroevolution under fluctuating selection

Huang et al. (2024) Near-collapse of the geomagnetic field may have contributed to atmospheric oxygenation and animal radiation in the Ediacaran Period

Coiro et al. (2024) Parallel evolution of angiosperm-like venation in Peltaspermales: a reinvestigation of Furcula

Cohen et al. (2024) Natural soda lakes provide compatible conditions for RNA and membrane function that could have enabled the origin of life

Adaïmé et al. (2024) Deep learning approaches to the phylogenetic placement of extinct pollen morphotypes

Davies et al. (2024) Earth's earliest forest: fossilized trees and vegetation-induced sedimentary structures from the Middle Devonian (Eifelian) Hangman Sandstone Formation, Somerset and Devon, SW England

Pérez-Escobar et al. (2024) The origin and speciation of orchids

 Dutkiewicz et al. (2024) Duration of Sturtian “Snowball Earth” glaciation linked to exceptionally low mid-ocean ridge outgassing

Gastaldo et al. (2024) Enigmatic fossil plants with three-dimensional, arborescent-growth architecture from the earliest Carboniferous of New Brunswick, Canada

Palma-Castro et al. (2023) An Early Cretaceous Sphenophyllum or a hatchling turtle?

Cavalazzi et al. (2021) Cellular remains in a ~3.42-billion-year-old subseafloor hydrothermal environment

Silvestro et al. (2021) Fossil data support a pre-Cretaceous origin of flowering plants

Donovan et al. (2020) Persistent biotic interactions of a Gondwanan conifer from Cretaceous Patagonia to modern Malesia.

Rosetto-Harris et al. (2020) Eocene Araucaria Sect. Eutacta from Patagonia and floristic turnover during the initial isolation of South America